Michael Beil

For ensemble with live-video and live-audio (35'). Premiere October 2015, Donaueschinger Musiktage

Similar to my other works Bluff is calling into question all actions related to a concert including all movements a musician does on stage, the composition containing sound and time and its developing process that should also be perceptible for the audience during the performance. Therefore in my most recent pieces like «Blackjack» and «exit to enter» I work with the separation of the four main elements of audio-visual works: movements (of the musicians in order to produce sound or to change position), recorded movements in the video (experiences to be recalled), live played sounds and recorded sounds. All movements, video recordings, real sounds and recorded sounds are separately produced during a performance and combined afterwards in various ways. In Bluff I continue working with this strategy using a much more radical setup. On one hand this new way brings the musicians and the live played music more to the center of attention so that the video will be less dominant than in other pieces. On the other hand in Bluff I use is a completely different way of syncing interaction. The work is perceptibly about separation, isolation and communication on stage. To underline the strangeness of this separation (working technique) and isolation (players) that might seem more familiar to the audience as assumed, I work with «really» very familiar musical material and actions. In the end there might be no difference between appropriate or inappropriate contexts and combinations just as it is in real life. (MB)

Michael Beil