Light Music

Four idiosyncratic light compositions. Ideal programme to collaborate with a local art school.

With his arrangement of Schlummert ein from Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata Ich habe genuch, Simon Steen-Andersens literally extinguishes the light and movingly depicts Bach’s ‘lullaby of eternal sleep’. In the world-famous Light Music by Thierry De Mey (known from Musique de table), a soloist ‘paints’ light and sound, as it were, via his hands connected to wifi sensors. Serge Verstockt switches off all visual stimuli to clear the path for primal instinctive listening. Through the lighting and blowing out of matches, a surprising and tactile sound sculpture emerges. Mátyás Wettl gives a totally new radical but playful interpretation of the Nocturne‘s compositional form. No piano but 16 light switches guarantee a virtuoso world wind of light and sound.


– Serge Verstockt: Part I from DRIE (2007/2022)

– Thierry De Mey: Light Music (2004/2021)

– Simon Steen-Andersen: Schlummert ein (2013)

– Mátyás Wettl: Nocturne (2017)                 

This program is also possible in combination with other works by Alexander Schubert (Sensate Focus), Natacha Diels (An economy of means), Yoko Ono (Lighting Piece)

Light Music
Schlummert ein