March 15, 2025
20:00 pm
De SIngel, Rode Zaal
Antwerp (B)

Light Music

Simon Steen-Andersen, Thierry de Mey, Serge Verstockt, Mátyás Wettl

Nadar Ensemble (Belgium) presents a program centered around light (and darkness). In Drie, Serge Verstockt switches off all visual stimuli to clear the path for primal instinctive listening. Through the lighting and blowing out of matches, a surprising and tactile sound sculpture emerges. Simon Steen-Andersen, with his arrangement of ‘Schlummert ein’ from Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata ‘Ich habe genuch‘, literally extinguishes the light and movingly depicts Bach’s ‘lullaby of eternal sleep’. In Light Music by Thierry De Mey (also known from Musique de table), a soloist connected to Wi-Fi sensors seems to ‘paint’ light and sound, as if conjuring sound from the darkness. In collaboration with Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp for the design of the lights of Simon Wettl’s Nocturne.

Light Music
Schlummert ein