Key Jack

Michael Beil

For pianist without piano, live video and electronics (12’)

‘In a world minted by media even the total absence of an instrument in a classical concert doesn’t lead to any irritation in the audience.’

Michael Beil

It has become a trademark of Michael Beil (°1963) to thoroughly dismantle the traditional image of the musician and his instrument. In Key Jack, the grand piano has even disappeared from the stage altogether. Deprived of his beloved instrument, the pianist has exchanged his black suit for a more casual outfit. Once a solist, he is now assisted by two questionable dobles. Yet, Key Jack is still a highly virtuosic solo piano piece. In front of the camera the pianist faces a mind bending playback challenge. Beil thereby skillfully recombines movement, image and sound, thus confusing even the most alert spectators. The result is a fascinating performance, that almost makes you forget the piano isn’t actually there.

Michael Beil