Infiltrationen 3.0

Stefan Prins

For string quartet, 2 FX pedal players & live-electronics (20')

Infiltrationen 3.0 is a new version of Infiltrationen, a piece from 2009 that was written originally for electric guitar quartet, objects, FX pedals and live-electronics.

In “Infiltrationen 3.0” there are three layers of musical material that infiltrate eachother continuously: the actions performed by the string players, the prerecorded 4-channel tape (generated using analogue mixing-table feedback-techniques in which several signals infiltrate eachother) and a live-electronics part performed on a homemade digital instrument by another musician.

“Infiltrations” are even more present on another level: the infiltrations of technology and technology-based decisionmaking on human (inter)action and vice versa – a subject that is very important to me, not only in a musical context. In Infiltrationen the “score” is being generated in real-time on computerscreens – every performer has a laptop in front of him. Whenever a performer wants a new playing-instruction he hits the spacebar of his laptop, and since the computers are connected to eachother through a network, the change made on one computer immediately has consequences for the playing instructions on all the other computers. Although a clear musical evolution has been preprogrammed in these playing-instructions on a macro-temporal level, the performers (almost) never know in advance what will be the next instruction. This makes the musicians masters and servants of the technology at the same time.

Stefan Prins