Differenz/Wiederholung 16

Bernhard Lang

For ensemble and voice (25')

the texts: popsongs  I feel indebted to through my personal history; 
all along the watchtower: some kind of pocket philosophy of life, 
the great love poem ophelia, 
burning sister: a lsd vision. 

all these are things already bygone in their original meaning, they were furthermore being destroyed by abulafia, a cutup/scrambling machine: the resulting fragments seem to me like the shards of a broken mirror, reflecting the original in their multiplicity.

the texts by sperl and creeley are very close to this principle of fragmentation, themselves being songs already or pointing towards possible song structures.
below the texts so called “damaged beats” are working, scratched loops sampled from rock- and jazzpatterns. (Bernhard Lang)

Bernhard Lang
Bernhard Lang