May 31, 2025
0:00 am
Studio 3
Antwerp (B)

Nadar Residency #8 Thomas Moore

Inspired by the work of the renowned Polish artist Tadeusz Kantor and his Theatre of Death, the re-envisioned trombone concerto explores the mechanisms of human memory. Kantor’s belief that “Every metaphysics must have its physics” is central to the performance, encouraging a reflection on the physicality of memory. The Polish composer, Piotr Peszat, examines Kantor’s ideas 34 years after his death, considering the challenges of memory in today’s world. As the boundaries between the real and virtual blur, and our memories and emotions increasingly reside in the digital realm, this performance raises an important question: How do we preserve memory in an age where much of it exists beyond the physical?

This 50-minute multimedia performance features a solo trombone on stage, accompanied by multi-channel audio playback, live electronics, and video projections.

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