October 17, 2024
0:00 am
Studio 3
Antwerp (B)

Nadar Residency #2 Katrien Gaelens

Maija Hynninen, Malin Bång, Salvatore Sciarrino, Lavender Rodriguez & Nina Whitman

Catching my Breath – first phase – Nadar studio residency

‘In this residency, I am working on the first phase of a personal project, which will eventually lead to new music for solo flute in which breathing emerges as the most important element, both aurally and as a performance. Hearing or seeing someone breathe has a direct effect on a listener or viewer. Unconsciously, they start to breathe along. I want to further explore and use this direct influence on the audience.

In my residency, I have chosen to collaborate for three days with composers Maija Hynninen and Malin Bång. Both have already used breathing as an essential element in previous work, each in a very different way. Together with them, I want to develop a personal ‘vocabulary’ of possibilities, from which they can draw in a next phase to write a new work for flute solo, with or without amplification or electronics. At a later stage, these new works will result in a unique programme in which I, as a flutist, can connect with the audience in a very direct way.’ (Katrien Gaelens)

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