Program dealing with ecological resonances

The close relationship between sound and image often plays an important role in Nadar Ensemble’s repertoire. In the programme ‘Plastisphere’ – this is what scientists call the ecosystem of micro-organisms that forms around the plastic in our oceans – Nadar reflects on ecological issues through image and sound. Joanna Bailie finds beauty in the ubiquitous noise of industrial and traffic noise. In both image and sound, ‘Horizon’ goes through a transition from an urban and loud environment to a more rural and quiet one.

In ‘Scenes from the plastisphere’ by Rama Gottfried, a microscopic lens draws us into a fascinating miniature theatre. A curious biotope of objects of natural and human origin comes to life there in the successive actions brought about by the performers in front of the camera. Satirically, Simon Steen-Andersen denounces our air quality in ‘Asthma’. The witty video montage with live soundtrack for accordion balances on the edge of humour and horror. Dreamwork Unplugged by Simon Løffler is the only work in the programme without video, but is no less visual for that. Equipped with thin whips on their fingers, the four-piece ensemble is reminiscent of a scene from Panamerenko’s studio. The musicians’ bodily movements produce the sound. Not surprisingly, the composer was inspired by birds.

Dreamwork Unplugged
Scenes from the Plastisphere
Plastisphere c Wens Kobe